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Yamaha YUS3S Polished EB

Pianos | Product code: YUS3S-PE | ID: 217082

Yamaha YUS3S Polished EB

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Yamaha YUS3S Polished EB

Professional upright piano from YUS series features a solid high-end design, delivering a rich, unparalleled sound that discerning pianists swear by. This mode offers enhanced Silent Piano functions and a CFX sound source for an even richer sound. The keyboard features 88 keys with acrylic resin (white) or phenolic resin (black) surface, made with Yamaha’s proprietary hammer action. The touch is more controlled and responsive due to the extra leverage in the key from tall capstan rods. It comes equipped with Damper/Sostenuto/Soft pedals, double-brass caster and a key cover with lid locks and soft-close fallboard. The Silent Piano sensor system includes a non-contact continuous detection optical key sensor and pedal sensors, and a hammer shank stopper operated by silencing lever. The CFX Binaural Sampling sound engine provides various effects including Key-off Samples, String Resonance, Sustain Samples or Damper Resonance. It also provides a 256-note polyphony, 19 voices (dual 3) and 480 XG voices plus 12 drum/SFX kits in voice selection (playback). Other features include a metronome, pitch control from 414.8 Hz to 468.8 Hz, four types of reverb effect, MIDI recording/playback and USB audio recorder (WAV), MIDI and USB connectivity, two headphone outputs and aux in/out. An AC adapter, headphones with a holder and the “50 greats for the piano” practice book are all included. Dimensions: 1520 x 1310 x 650 mm. Weight: 251 kg. Polished Ebony colour design.

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