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How to choose a bass guitar

How to choose a bass guitar

22.09.2023 Music
Ok, the choice was made – you will be a bass player. Whether it was a voluntary decision or you were just stuck with the bass guitar because you were the last to apply for a band, the next step is the same in both cases. You have to choose your first instrument. How to do it, what to avoid and which route to take? Youpll find answers to these questions in the following text.
How to choose guitar effects

How to choose guitar effects

19.09.2023 Music
An effects unit or pedal is a small or big box, and the target of and undying desire – sometimes even a pathological one – of musicians, since the first one was created in 1962. Since then some time has passed and there are so may boxes in existence that even the best experts lose the overview. How to pick one that is a perfect fit for your guitar personality? Let us consider the problem together.
How to choose your Ukulele

How to choose your Ukulele

18.09.2023 Music
Ukulele is a small instrument with great sound, and that's why it's so popular. These small instruments are at the moment available in a huge number of models, sizes and designs and it can be easy to get lost in that. That is why we have prepared a small guide to help you master the basic terms and features of each model.
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