Yamaha YDP 103 Arius Rosewood

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Yamaha YDP 103 Arius Rosewood

A graded hammer standard 88-key piano keyboard, which provides a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, and is similar to the hammers inside an acoustic piano. The YDP-103 has improved on the traditional AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) synthesis to deliver real piano sounds that uses digital recordings. The piano also features the "Digital Piano Controller" app with an attractive interface optimized for iOS touch screens adds a whole new level of functionality to your Yamaha instrument, allowing you to access features and settings even more quickly than using the panel of your instrument. The piano can be connected to any computer (Windows, iOS) or mobile device via either USB or lightning adaptor. The instrument can be used to interact as a controller and/or sound source with a variety of music creation applications. It features 3 pedals (damper, sostenuto, soft), 4 types of reverb, 2 x 6 W amplifier and two 12 x 6 cm speakers. The dimensions of the digital piano are 1357 x 815 x 422 mm and the weight is 37,5 kg. The colour finish is rosewood.

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Karácsonyi ajándék lett a 8 és 9 éves kisfiunknak. Minden nap leülnek hozzá. Már egy csomó karácsonyi éneket és népdalt megtanultak rajta játszani saját maguktól. Nagyon szép tiszta hangja van. Bárhol vagyok a házban, biztosan tudom, hogy ki játszik rajta, mert a bebillentést mindenki másképp csinálja. Jó, érzékeny a billentyűje. Mi nagyon örülünk neki.

Daniel D.

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