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Water Sports

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SUP paddle: How to choose?

SUP paddle: How to choose?

06.04.2022 Paddleboarding
A stand up paddle is an essential part of the paddleboarding equipment. Its choice should depend on several basic parameters, while the price may also be taken into account. However, the best paddle must not necessarily be the most expensive one. This article will give you tips on how to choose a SUP paddle with which you will be living it up on the water surface.
Kids´ paddleboard: How to choose the right one?

Kids´ paddleboard: How to choose the right one?

02.04.2022 Paddleboarding
Kids´ paddleboards differ from the ones designed for adult users in several ways. These include, for example, dimensions or weight, i.e. parameters that will greatly affect the experience you get from doing the sport itself. But the good news is that the choice is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. To be enjoying the water with your whole family, you just need to keep some basic points in mind.
Paddleboard with a sail: How to windsurf on a SUP

Paddleboard with a sail: How to windsurf on a SUP

01.04.2022 Paddleboarding
Paddleboards with a sail are currently attracting both younger and older generations. No wonder, you can never get tired of having fun on the water. With such an activity, you can strengthen almost all the muscles of your body. Do you want to try it, too? The only things you will need besides a good mood is a board and a sail.
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