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Thomastik SP100 Spirit Violin String Set

Violin Strings | Product code: THSP100 | ID: 218829

Thomastik SP100 Spirit Violin String Set


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Thomastik SP100 Spirit Violin String Set

4 string set for 4/4 violin from Spirit! series that provides everything needed to produce a distinguished sound for every kind of music, perfect for the advancing players and aspiring artists. Strings deliver an even, balanced tone across all string and have a beautiful, warm tone, making it also an excellent choice for brighter-sounding instrument. A1, D1 and G strings are made with synthetic cores and aluminium (A1, D1) or silver (G) windings, E2 string is made of a tin-plated steel wire core and features a removable ball end. Length: 32.5 cm.

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