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T-Rex Replay Box

Stereo Delay. By using new hardware, T Rex not only created a very studio-like sounding delay, but they were able to increase the delay time to a maximum of 3 seconds. It sounds more modern and it doesn´t distort or warble – it merely sends out what you put in, only a little later and in a very pleasing way. Just like all T Rex other delays, the dry signal is kept analog, so there is no latency or coloring from the conver-ters to the dry signal. Tap Tempo works great for keeping the delay time in sync with the guy banging on the skins, but there is something to be said about subdivisions. A straight up quarter note delay works great for most sounds, but the rhythmic pattern that emerges from a perfect dotted eighth delay is quite nice and triplets can be just the ticket in swing or more rootsy types of music, so we put in all three options. You only have to tap the footswitch to the beat of the song, and the Replay Box will do the rest of the work for you by adjusting the delay time to 1/1, 2/3 or 3/4 of your foot taps, depending on the switch setting. Try tapping a perfect triplet with your foot while you play… you will know why the switch comes in handy! The Replay Box features stereo in- and outputs, so you get the most out of those stereo modulation boxes you sometimes step on. Not only is the dry stereo image kept intact, but the DSP processes each side individually, according to the knobs settings. It´s sort of like having two identical delay pedals for each side.Features Analog dry signalTap tempo footswitchPristine and clear soundUp to 3 seconds of delayIncredibly small form factorRuns on standard 9VDC powerTrue stereo operation (L/R inputs and outputs)Subdivision switch - allows choice of quarter, triplets or the sought-after dotted eighth delay.

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Volume, Mix, repeat, Tempo, Mode, Tap

True Bypass


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2x Stereo

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