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Studiologic Numa Compact 2x

Stage Pianos | Product code: NUMA-COMPACT-2X | ID: 262454

Studiologic Numa Compact 2x

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Studiologic Numa Compact 2x
Studiologic Numa Compact Soft Case Size A

Studiologic Numa Compact 2x

Ultra lightweight stage piano with 88 semi-weighted keys from Compact series that features three sound engines packed in compact cabinet, featuring a tone wheel organ model derived from Numa Organ implemented in the sound engine, the Sledge sound synthesis and 1GB of samples memory. Thanks to the built-in speakers and the internal digital amplifier, it is suitable and flexible in any musical environment. The user interface gains 9 programmable sliders which can be used as Drawbars to control the organ sounds and as linear controls to send Midi CC as well. The Sledge engine is optimized to fit and allows user to create any synthetic sound starting from a basic waves library. Using the 9 sliders section it is possible to control 9 synthesis parameters. The sound engines offer 88 sounds including acoustic/electric piano, orchestral and other sounds and 128-voice polyphony. The key bed uses dual switch detection system and programmable touch (soft, medium, hard). The piano provides various effects (drive, chorus, tremolo, reverb…) and allows to process up to 6 effects simultaneously. It also offers various controls, MIDI module, OLED display, MIDI/USB connectivity and pedal inputs. It can be either used with the high quality built-in speakers in a training session, with headphones or with a PA system. The USB port allows user to send and receive audio with digital quality. Dimensions: 1270 x 230 x 100 mm. Weight: 7.1 kg.

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Keyboard Stands, Piano Benches and Stools, Keyboard Bags, Cases and Covers, Pedals for Keys, Headphones

Parameters and specifications

Number of Keys


Keyboard Type

Keyboard Technology

Semi Weighted Action Dual switch detection system

Number of Sounds





Pedal (2 x), MIDI IN


Jack 6,3mm TS L,R (2 x), Headphone Jack 6,3mm (1 x), MIDI OUT






USB to Device


USB to Host


UK/EU Power supply included


Package Contents

Made in


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Overall score based on 2 user reviews:


Do you own Studiologic Numa Compact 2x or have you had a chance to try it?

Mátyás M.

Quality of manufacture


Quality/Price ratio

Overall impression


Overall: almost like a miniature and dirt cheap Nord Stage product. Of course, with its limitations. Its Fatar keyboard is even better than the predecessor's (Numa Compact), not a real piano-like feeling, but a perfect compromise for all possible keyboarded instruments. The organ machine almost could not be better, it has some nice synth lead/pad sounds above which you have good control provided the drawbars. The piano sounds (even the downloadable German and Japanese grand) are way not perfect, but e.g. on stage or in a mix as background instrument will do the job. About the effects: I found a little bit confusing that the reverb effect parameters cannot be changed (at least reverb tail), the FX1 and FX2 parameters are a little hard to combine and assign to STICK2 or Aftertouch. The Chorus is too much detuner-like for me. Otherwise, quite decent possibilities! Overall: I have fallen in love with it. Portable, beautiful, insanely versatile instrument - and, what is most important for me - usable electronic piano and Hammond organ as well.

Stoica L.

Quality of manufacture


Quality/Price ratio

Overall impression


A very good all-in-one compact 88 keyboard. Opinion based on 1 month of use and 1.2.0 firmware: Perfectly aligned Fatar keys with semi-weighted action perfect for playing organ, Epianos and synth but good enough for acoustic piano also. Organ and electric piano sounds are very good, with lot of bottom-end and harmonics. Acoustic pianos are good and the additional free German and Japan grands available on site are excelent. Clear and practical synth sounds with modulation options. The additional Mellotrone pack, Clarinet and Flutes available on Studiologic site are pure gold. With the manager software is very easy to load new sounds and sort patches. Split and layer- big option for complex textures. I layered electric piano with organ and other EP with very good results. Decent reverbs. Screen very responsive and clear. 3 touch response and a fixed one. There are few small cons: Doesn't have an audio in. The plastic margin (2-3 cm) that cover the side-bottom of the keys is elastic and I don't know how it will resist in time if I will move it often. Acoustic guitars are not good. The Drive effect is not good for my taste and the phaser, flanger and tremolo could be better. For drive I will have to use an external effect. Maybe the effects will be improved by Studiologic in next updates. Conclusion: Studiologic did a great job in this 600 eur price range. STUDIOLOGIC please include more Electric pianos and improve effect section! If you can't afford a Nord electro 6 or Yamaha cp88 buy this keyboard. Numa compact 2x is a hidden jewel and a pleasant surprise.

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