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Osculati First aid kit M.D.1/10/15 table D

First Aid | Product code: 32.915.50 | ID: 269389

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Osculati First aid kit M.D.1/10/15 table D



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Osculati First aid kit M.D.1/10/15 table D

First aid kit for Inshore yachting. Content wrapped in a waterproof case. It includes: 250-ml hydrogen peroxide bottle; 1 x AMBU adult resuscitation balloon; 1 x adult resuscitation mask (size 5); 1 x children resuscitation mask (size 2); 1 x nitrile tourniquet; 1 x tubular latex-free tourniquet; 10 x 10-cm h gauze bandages; 1 x ICE PACK; 2 x 10x6-cm plasters; 8 x 125-g compressed cotton wool; 14.5-cm Lister scissors DIN; 19-cm Lister scissors DIN 58279-A190; 5 x 18x40-cm sterile gauze pads; 5 packs of 20x20-cm sterile gauze pads (5x5); 1 pair of sterile nitrile gloves (Large); 5 pairs of sterile copolymer gloves (one size fits all); 1 x small needle collector; 1 x PERSONAL sphygmomanometer with phonendoscope; 1 x flat phonendoscope; 1 x 11x91-cm splint; 1 x first aid multi language guide (24 pages); 1 x copy of the MINISTERIAL DECREE listing the proprietary medicinal products that the final user is required to purchase in pharmacies. The final user shall add the following antiseptic solutions – to be purchased exclusively in pharmacies – to the content of the first aid kit cases: 500-cc chlorhexidine solution 5%.

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