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Mega Acoustic PA-PM8DL-6060-15

Absorbent wood panels | Product code: PA-PM8DL-6060-15 | ID: 269959

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Mega Acoustic PA-PM8DL-6060-15



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Mega Acoustic PA-PM8DL-6060-15

Acoustic panel with laminate surface. In addition to absorption properties at low and medium frequencies, the panel provides an average dispersion factor at high frequencies. It offers an elegant design and a great look combined with excellent sound absorbing properties, making it very versatile and offers a wide range of uses. Its great advantage is easy cleaning, so you can also use it in a dusty environment where, despite the conditions, it does not lose its acoustic properties. The panel features a Starfloor Classic laminate surface that is much harder than regular vinyl and Extreme Protection with wood imitation. Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 6,5 cm

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