Laserworld EL-500RGB KeyTex

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Laserworld EL-500RGB KeyTex

The Laserworld EL-500RGB KeyTEX is a RGB text and pattern projection laser that does not need any software or additional controller for operation. It comes with a special keyboard and an infrared remote control. With the keyboard it is possible to control the whole show laser light system.

Features of the EL-500RGB KeyTEX are:
write texts live with the keyboard
save texts and recall them later
animate the texts: scrolling, flipping, typing of single letters, rotations and many more features available through the keyboard
trigger saved texts with infrared remote control
play the preset patterns and effects in automatic mode or sound mode - this can be switched with the keyboard or the infrared remote control
clock feature: set time and project it on any surface
the projection (texts, patterns) can be multiplied through a diffraction grating at the laser aperture
controllable via DMX
RGB projections

Total Power typical: 490mW
Guaranteed power: 400mW
Power Red: 180mW/650nm
Power Green: 80mW/532nm
Power Blue: 160mW/445nm
Beam Specifications: ca. 3mm/2mrad
Laser Sources: DPSS, Diode
Laser Class: 3B
Operation Modes: Stand alone mode, Music mode, Text mode, Clock mode, DMX
Scanner: ca. 15kpps@4°, graphics capable
Scan Angle max.: Grating ca. 90°, projection ca. 20°
Basic Patterns: ca. 50
Accessories: Keyboard, USB extension cable, infrared remote control, Interlock adapter, keys, external power supply 12V
Power Supply: 100 - 250V AC
Power Consumption: 10W
Dimensions: 210 x 165 x 85mm
Weight: 1.64kg

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