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IK Multimedia iLine Mono Output Adapter

JACK-JACK Adapters | Product code: ILINE-MONOOUTADAPT | ID: 218100

IK Multimedia iLine Mono Output Adapter

IK Multimedia iLine Mono Output Adapter

Mono output adapter cable from iLine Kit that converts 3.5mm stereo output to 6.35mm mono signal. It can be used to send the stereo output from the device into a mono input device like a guitar amplifier or a mono-input powered speaker. Designed for pure audiophile sound, the cable is made in Italy from high-quality components including 24K gold-plated connectors (3.5mm male connector and a 6.35mm mono female connector), high-purity copper conductor, high-density shielding to protect against foreign sound particles, and low-capacitance insulation for transient preservation. Use the standard 6.35mm guitar or speaker cable to complete the connection. Cable length: 30 cm.

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