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Hardcase HN16FT 16'' Floor Tom Case

Drum Cases | Product code: HN16FT | ID: 217291

Hardcase HN16FT 16'' Floor Tom Case

Hardcase HN16FT 16'' Floor Tom Case

The case, made of extra-hard polyethylene, offers maximum flexibility thanks to its low weight and is easy to carry thanks to the optimum positioning of the handle. Different sizes of case can also be stacked on top of each other easily, which ensures safe transportation for your instrument.

The bottom of the case is slightly curved, so that it is easy to remove items from the opening. This curvature guarantees a secure standing position despite the opening on the base. Any of Hardcase's cases can be written on, so that you can have an overview of what is inside them. If you want to store empty cases away, they can be stacked inside each other easily. So you only need minimal storage space. Thanks to the waterproof material, musicians have no need to worry about their instruments even if they are carrying them in the rain.

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