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Withdrawal requests for selected items

Request a refund

I want to return the items and I want to refund purchase price or send me a voucher

Withdrawal from the contract can only be submitted for orders created by a natural person.
Some goods cannot be returned. If we receive goods that are included in this category, they will be automatically sent back to you. Please check this list to see if there is a restriction on your return. We will automatically return any product that is not covered by the right of return at the customer's expense.
At the same time, it´s not possible to claim a product for which has been already applied withdrawal from the contract . It´s also not possible to claim withdrawal from the contract if the product is currently part of the claim.

Enter the Order ID and invoice number.

If you do not know the order number or invoice number, please contact our customer support.

The purchase amount will be refunded to me in the same way I paid it when I made the purchase.

If the original payment was made with cash on delivery, i agree that returning of the funds will be done by bank transfer to my bank account:

Product data

Invoice number
Date of issue
Enter the order number and invoice number to see a list of items.

Contact person

Please let me know next steps of resolving this withdrawal request by email.

In order to improve quality of our services, please explain the reason for the return of the goods

Attachments (photo, video)

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