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Victorinox Hiker

Pocket Knives | Product code: 1.4613 | ID: 269820

Victorinox Hiker

Victorinox Hiker

Medium Pocket Knife with Screwdriver and Saw. When you have an Officer's knife in your hand, you're holding more than 100 years of Victorinox tradition. And the tradition lives on with the Hiker. If you feel most at home when you're way out there, then this is the pocket knife for you. Its 13 functions are everything you need as you wander through the wilderness. Pack your Hiker pocket knife and enjoy each beautiful, tranquil, relaxing step. Tools - large blade - small blade - can opener - screwdriver 3 mm - bottle opener - screwdriver 6 mm - wire stripper - reamer, punch and sewing awl - Phillips screwdriver 1/2 - wood saw - toothpick - tweezers - key ring. Key features - Your companion for a weekend outdoors - Swiss made pocket knife with 13 functions - Includes a wood saw, a screwdriver and a can opener. Item number: 1.4613. Height: 16.5 mm. Length: 91 mm. Weight: 77 g. Color: Red.

Parameters and specifications

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77 g

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