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Terms of use of MUZIKER CLUB

These Terms and Conditions regulate the membership of the MUZIKER CLUB (hereinafter referred to as the “Club”) and relations between Muziker, a.s., Drieňová 1/H, 821 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, Section Sa, File no. 3337 / B, IČO: 35840773, DIČ: 2021680991, as an operator on the one hand (hereinafter referred to as the "operator") and a customer who obtains the use of the club services (hereinafter referred to as "club member" or "member") on the other; and form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of the Operator.


The MUZIKER CLUB customer loyalty system is a system of benefits for Muziker customers. The benefits of the loyalty system can be used in all Muziker business operations (on E-shop and in the stores).


Any person who becomes or holds a loyalty card, which he receives after successfully registering his membership by e-mail, may become a member of the MUZIKER CLUB. Membership is established for an indefinite period of time as part of the customer's registration on the operator's website or at one of the business operations of the operator's company. In case of disagreement with membership in the registration for a customer account on the website of Muziker, a.s. the client marks the relevant option of disagreement with membership and the registration of the customer account will take place without registering the membership in the club. Membership expires by cancellation of registration or by conscious termination by a member or operator. The operator reserves the right to terminate membership if a member has misused the club's rules or has reason to suspect that the member is using the club in violation of applicable law or for violating third party rights, to facilitate criminal activity or if the customer account is used by different person than the registered person. Termination of membership results in the irrevocable loss of all unused available and reserved points and deactivation of the member's loyalty card. Club membership, loyalty card and club benefits are not transferable. Registration for retroactive club membership or claiming retroactive club benefits is not permitted. The loyalty card is not sold separately.

III. Discounted purchases for earned points

During a purchase, a club member earns the appropriate number of points that belong to each item. The points earned represent a financial credit that can be redeemed for future purchases under the rules of these terms and conditions. The corresponding number of points obtainable by purchase is visible on the detail of the product item in the catalog as well as in the e-shop basket.
The prerequisites for earning points when purchasing goods remotely (selling via the Internet) are membership in the club, ownership of the club loyalty card, registration of the customer account on the website, realization of the purchase in the state of logging into the customer account and positive point value published on the product item detail in the product catalog at It is not possible to utilize Muziker CLub points and earn Muziker Club points within the same order.
If the final price of the product is a result of individual agreement between the operator and club member or individual adjustment of the price for the club member, club member is not entitled to receive club points.
The prerequisite for earning points when making purchase in any of the so-called physical stores of the operator are membership of the club, proof of ownership of the loyalty card (by presenting a loyalty card or proving the loyalty card number or by providing an e-mail address related to the club card ownership), registration of the customer account on the website and a positive point value published on the detail of the relevant product item in the product catalog at
When shopping in an online store, the earned points will be credited to the club member and become available only after the withdrawal period of 30 days after the payment for the order has been credited to the operator's accounts. In the event that a member has subscribed to an additional service to grant an extended period for the right of withdrawal without giving a reason for another 30 or 60 days, they will be credited and become points for the club member available for use only after the period of or 90 days, respectively. For purchases in any of the stores, the points earned by the club member will be credited and become available immediately after purchase (for installment and invoice purchases, however, the points become available only after 30 days of crediting to the operator's account). The current number of available points will be displayed to the club member in the active login state to their customer account or when purchasing at one of the stores on the cash register for the purchase made, or the customer service staff will provide this information on request. If a club member does not make a new purchase within 6 months of the last purchase, the total value of his available points will be reduced by 50%.
When making a purchase, a club member can choose how many of his available points he will use to pay for the purchase. The selected number of points will be in the form of a reduction of the total sum of the shopping cart. When used, the value of 100 points corresponds to 1 EUR. The redemption of points can be used up to 100% of the value of the goods.
Utilizing (using) points is possible only for the purchase made in the operator's internet shop; not in the operator's physical stores.

Extended 30-day withdrawal period (return of goods without giving a reason)

A club member is entitled to an extended 30-day withdrawal period beyond the statutory 14-day period set by law. During this extended period he may exercise his right to return the goods without giving any reason. However, this right applies only to undamaged goods in the original packaging. If the operator's inspection does not reveal any discrepancy in the condition of the returned goods against these conditions, the operator shall provide the club member with a financial voucher equal to the price of the goods stated on the sales document, which the club member may use solely to purchase additional goods. Withdrawal from the contract during the extended period is excluded for those types of goods, which are in this context specified in the relevant exclusion provisions in the section on the right of withdrawal in the operator's business conditions.

Extended 3-Year Warranty for the goods

Membership in the club entitles customer to apply an extended 3-year warranty on new goods from the operator's assortment. This right does not apply to consumables, small consumables, perishable goods or new goods, which are governed by the relevant provisions of the operator's terms and conditions of warranty. In the case of more complicated technical diagnostics or repair of goods, the period for handling the product claim may be longer than 30 days. If, during the extended warranty period, a defect of the product occurs that can be removed and the defect is not excluded from the warranty, the operator will remedy the defect at its own expense. If, during the extended warranty period, a defect of the product is found that cannot be removed, the operator will not return the full purchase price to the club member, but will provide the warranty by issuing a voucher at the residual value of the claimed goods. This voucher is solely for the purchase of other goods. Other provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Warranty are hereby unaffected.

Purchases with special discounts on selected products and services

The club member has the option to purchase selected products and services with an exclusive price advantage.

Final provisions

The club member registered as a legal entity in the club is not entitled to the benefit of the extended 3-year goods warranty and the 30-day withdrawal period (return of the goods without giving any reason).
Upon withdrawal from the contract, a club member is not entitled to a refund of a higher financial value than that stated on the sales document, that is, he is not entitled to a refund of the redeemed points in monetary or non-monetary form. Reserved points earned for the purchase of goods returned by a club member within 30 days of withdrawal will be irretrievably deducted from the balance of their reserved points.
The current list of benefits is published on the operator's website. The minimum scope of benefits is set out in these terms and conditions. The Club member acknowledges that the list of benefits may change over time.
The operator is not responsible for limiting the use of the club for reasons on the part of third parties (e.g. the business partner of the operator), for reasons that occurred independently of the will and/or actions of the operator. The operator is entitled to temporarily suspend the use of the club without such a suspension being considered a breach of the operator's duty, for reasons of safety, force majeure (circumstances beyond the control of the operator that cannot be influenced by the operator), decisions of the competent public authority , for the performance of repairs and work necessary for the operation, revision or maintenance of technical equipment enabling the club to operate. The operator shall inform the club member of the suspension of the club by means of a notice published on the website
The operator is not liable for any damage caused by misuse of the club member's loyalty card.
The operator reserves the right to change these rules.
These terms and conditions are valid and effective from 22.9.2019
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