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Stagg EDB 3/4 RDL VBR

Electric Double Basses | Product code: EDB-3-4-RDL-VBR | ID: 218208

Stagg EDB 3/4 RDL VBR

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Stagg EDB 3/4 RDL VBR

Deluxe 3/4-sized electric double bass that features solid maple top, neck and headstock, and comes supplied with a nylon gig bag. The instrument is fitted with a dark rosewood fingerboard and an ebonized maple, height-adjustable bridge with a built-in piezo pickup. With the electronic system, there are included: Volume and Bass controls, low battery indicator, a 3.5mm stereo mini jack input for CD or MP3 player, a 3.5mm mini jack output for headphones and a 6.35mm jack output. Other features include German diapason, an adjustable nickel-plated spike, nickel-plated steel hip and arm supports with lock screw, P-bass style die-cast nickel machine heads and plastic black nut fret. Violin Brown colour.

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Tomasz G.

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Where to start? After arrival it needs: 1. Better Strings (cant blame manufacturer for it`s price) 2. Reshaping bridge and its grooves 3. Filing saddle grooves - strings TOO HIGH 4. Re-Shaping of the fingerboard - a lot of re-shaping 5. General Setup Got it for old (cheaper) price but really without skills I have I`ll spend £££ to get it "Right" Now like it a lot but costed my hours of work...

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