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Samson MDR1064

Mixers up to 10 Channels | Product code: MDR1064 | ID: 217811

Samson MDR1064

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Samson MDR1064

Full-featured, compact 10-channel mixer from MDR series with six low noise microphone preamps that is suitable for both live and studio use. The six mic/line inputs and two stereo inputs each feature a 3-band equalizer plus two aux sends. The unit's master section includes two stereo aux returns and a 2-track input and output for playing back stereo devices and for recording the mix. Thanks to clean, clear sound reproduction with sweet equalization and signal flexible routing, the mixer ensures reliable, high-quality sound from performance to performance. Optimized for recording, live sound reinforcement and commercial installations, it is an ideal mixing solution offering big sound in a compact package. And as with all of Samson's MDR mixers, this model features advanced circuit design using discrete components and high-quality, low noise op-amps, carefully selected at each stage of the signal path, providing maximum dynamic range and a transparent audio signal for the live or recorded music. Dimensions: 344 x 304 x 71 mm. Weight: 3.1 kg.

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