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Samson Airline 77 Aerobics Headset System E3 Band

Wireless Headset Systems | Product code: SW7AVSCEE-E3 | ID: 217823

Samson Airline 77 Aerobics Headset System E3 Band
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Samson Airline 77 Aerobics Headset System E3 Band

Headset wireless system from AirLine 77 series that features a Qe Fitness headset condenser microphone, an AH1 transmitter and a CR77 receiver. It does not require any belt-pack or cable and offers maximum freedom of movement, which makes it an ideal system for lively musicians that need solid and stable microphone. The heart of the system is the half-rack sized UHF receiver that offers dual tuning, shaped antenna, multi-segment display or Volume control for simple adjustment of the output sound. It also features a PLL frequency circuit and provides symmetrical XLR and non-symmetrical 1/4” outputs for flexible connectivity options. The transmitter offers 14-hour operation time and requires only one AAA battery. Special construction of the headband allows the transmitter to be attached directly to it. The microphone features a cardioid polar pattern. An AC adaptor and a 1/4”-to-1/4” connecting cable are included.

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Výrobok je nový, zatiaľ šlape dobre, uvidíme ako dlho.. Cenový rozdiel medzi Samson Airline 77 Vocal Headset System a Samson Airline 77 Aerobics System Headset je cca 70eur čo je značný rozdiel v cene a myslím si, že funkčne sa až tak veľmi nelíšia..

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