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Synthesizers | Product code: HN148355 | ID: 217704


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Rack version of the NORD’s Lead A1 analogue modelling synthesizer that offers traditional design but more sophisticated front panel for even easier, more intuitive control and faster sound production. It can be controlled by 26 rotary knobs and 20 buttons for program editing. At the heart of the synthesizer is NORD’s new analogue modelling engine that recreates a total analogue signal path with uncanny realism, and is capable of immense sonic variety. With 26-voice polyphony and four simultaneous synthesizer parts, it is a true synthesizer powerhouse that goes far beyond the current trend for limited capability analogue reissues. It allows easy patch creation and experimentation thanks to a new and unique oscillator section, pre-programmed modulation matrix, and simplified ADR envelopes. The synthesizer’s Oscillator section features the Wave engine with 4 unique Oscillator Configuration Shortcuts, making programming more immediate than ever. Other features include 6 filters; vintage-sounding effect such as Ring Modulation, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Reverb and others; Master Clock and Split/Layer functions; a LFO 1 modulation; an arpeggiator; an ADR/ASR envelope; an LCD screen or possibility to layer 4 sounds at once. The synthesizer provides 8 banks of 50 presets, 4 x 50 performance presets, and a variety of modelled sounds including Poly, Legato, Portamento, Mono or True Unisono. It offers four built-in 6.3mm link audio outputs, stereo headphone output, a 6.3mm input for sustain pedal and for control pedal, a USB port and MIDI in/out. A power cord with IEC C14 connector and a NORD CD ROM with Nord Sound Manager application are included. Dimensions: 466 x 169 x 115 mm. Weight: 3.35 kg.

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