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Marco OCP2/6 Oil change Kit

Oil Pumps | Product code: 16494615 | ID: 270191

Marco OCP2/6 Oil change Kit

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Marco OCP2/6 Oil change Kit

Oil change kit. The operative functions of the pump are electronically controlled by a membrane panel. The pump is equipped with 1 or 2 valves. Conceived for oil fill and drain operations. The electronic card adjusts the speed of the pump according to oil viscosity/temperature. It also increases the speed of the pump during priming. The system automatically shuts off in case of empty tank, short circuit and after 30 minutes of operation. Technical parameters: Voltage – 12/24 V, Consumption – 5/2,5 A, Self-priming - 1.5 m, Pressure – 2 bar, Flow rate - 15 l / min, Ports (BSP) – 1/2“, Dimensions: 240 x 210 x 94 mm.

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