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Loyalty system of benefits for our customer MUZIKER CLUB

To be a Muziker club member is like flying a business class, like sleeping in the best hotels and eating in the Michelin restaurants. Everywhere you will get the best service and undivided attention of the personnel.
To be a Muziker Club member is a privilege of the best. Those who know they can have more than others and know precisely where and when to invest. This is not a customer loyalty card, this is a stepping stone to the winner steps and to the top of the charts. For you!

How to become a member

Everyone can become a club member, all you need is to register. Registration could be dealt with on a single page along with creating a customer account or in a simple app on the tablet. After the registration, you'll receive a non-transferrable club card and from this moment on you can utilize all the benefits aimed not at anyone, but the club members only. You cannot register membership with backwards validity and membership ceases with deleting of the account or its suspension from our side.

We reward purchases with points

The idea is simple! We reward you for your purchases with points. The amount of points you could get can be seen in the product detail on our page. At first we reserve the points after the initial purchase and release them for use after 30 days. If you applied to have an extended 30 or 60 day period for refund for the goods, your points will be reserved for further 30 or 60 days respectively. After the purchase in one of our physical stores you can use the points immediately. When making your next purchase in the eshop you can pay for a portion of the whole amount (or the sum for the whole purchase) with points.

Club account balance

You can check your current balance at any time in your customer account personal profile, or ask the store attendant for this information. But beware! Only the most loyal ones deserve this loyalty reward! If you do not purchase anything within 6 months of your last purchase, half of the earned points will be forfeited. Conversely, even a small purchase will extend the validity of points earned by another 6 months. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept requests to credit points for purchases made prior to valid membership registration.

Payment by points

When you make a purchase in our online store, you determine how much of the amount you want to pay with points. Points are “converted” into money directly in the shopping cart and the total purchase amount is reduced by the amount in question. For every 100 points "paid", your purchase will be reduced by a total of 1 EUR, 200 points by 2 EUR, etc. Therefore, the total amount of the domestic currency discount depends on the current exchange rate against the euro. You can also use points to pay for the entire purchase in your cart.

Return of goods up until 30 days

We respect your right to change your mind. A club member can enjoy this right for twice as long compared to a regular customer. Goods may be returned for up to 30 days without giving a reason (beyond the legal 14-day period). For the undamaged goods in the original packaging returned within an extended period, we give the club member a financial voucher in the value of the goods. The types of goods that cannot be returned due to their nature are specified in the terms and conditions.

Extended 3-year warranty

While an ordinary customer is only entitled to a 2-year warranty on new goods, a member of our club can enjoy up to 3 years of warranty. We will repair the defect that you will claim at the time of the extended warranty at our expense and if the defect cannot be remedied, you will receive a purchase voucher with the residual value of the goods. The extended warranty does not cover consumables, perishable goods, or displayed and unpacked goods. Only the customer who is a consumer is entitled to claim an extended warranty. Each claim will be processed as quickly as possible, but in exceptional cases it may take more than 30 days due to difficult diagnostics or repair.

Crème de la crème

We are working to make the list of attractive and practical benefits ever longer. We value every customer, but we want to give only the best of the best to our club members. Not just a large portion of whipped cream, but real benefits in the spirit of the well-known "crème de la crème". It is therefore worth regularly monitoring our website.

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