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Lanikai LUTU-11S Mahogany Soprano TunaUke

Soprano Ukuleles | Product code: LUTU-11S | ID: 219183

Lanikai LUTU-11S Mahogany Soprano TunaUke

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Lanikai LUTU-11S Mahogany Soprano TunaUke

Soprano all-mahogany ukulele that features an exclusive TunaUke technology which allows any player to intonate their ukulele through individual movable wedge saddles and a compensated nut specifically designed for each model size. This easy to use technology requires no tools and improves intonation all across the rosewood fingerboard by over 90%. This model is based on Lanikai’s popular LU-11 ukulele, but with innovations that improve tone and playability. The tuning machines are upgraded by utilizing diecast tuners which provide improved tuning stability. The compensated, wide-spaced 37mm TunaUke nut not only drastically improves intonation, but also mimics the tonal response of natural bone. The TunaUke saddle housing mounts directly to the top of the instrument which increases overall projection and a full spectrum of lows, mids and highs. Two sets of saddles (low and high) are provided to allow for adjusting the string string height to its most comfortable level. The newly designed 8-hole bridge allows for quicker string changes, but can also be used in the traditional classical string tie. The ukulele comes stringed with genuine Aquila Nylgut strings. Natural colour design.

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matus p.

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clovek by nepovedal ani ze je to vyrobene rukami malych cinankov ... uke mohlo byt samozrejme kludne o 20 eur lacnejsie ale co uz. myslim ze ma super zvuk. po cca 10 tich naladeniach uz struny drzia a rozladuju sa menej.

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