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Win one of 100 bluetooth speaker JBL GO 2

Once again, we are in a dealing mood and this time we want to send you a portable waterproof and mostly badass JBL GO bluetooth speaker for free.

What do we need for that?

Your address (we receive automatically when using the code)

What do you need for that?

1-make a purchase at least for 50 EURos
2-Use the code 100xJBL in your basket
3-keep your fingers crossed for the draw

We will draw 10 of you every day, so the chance to win is really high.
You will find the names of the winners every day from 16/9/2020 at 16:00 on our web and facebook sites. Good luck

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The first 60 winners of JBL GO 2.
Ivan B. (CZ), David K. (CZ), Tibor M. (HU), Michal D. (CZ), Renata J. (CZ), Tibor M (HU), Nik T. (SI), Michal A. (CZ), Pavel Š. (CZ), Zoltán S. (HU), Ivan B. (CZ), David K. (CZ), Gabor H. (HU), Michal D. (CZ), Renata J. (CZ), Tibor M (HU), Nik T. (SI), Michal A. (CZ), Pavel Š. (CZ), Zoltán S. (HU), Barbara B. (PL), Adam R. (PL), Lubor G. (CZ), Svetoslav D. (BG), Michal C. (SK), Michal S. (SK), Radoslav P. (SK), János K. (HU), Jan D. (CZ), Attila T. (HU), Joao R. S. C. G. (PT), Denisa P. (CZ), Przemyslaw L. (PL), Dino B. (DE), Nikola K. (DE), Peter K. (SK), Sebastian P. (PL), Martin F. (CZ), Veronika K. (SK), Marek F. (CZ), Krisztián M. (HU), Patrick N. (FR), Barnabás F. (HU), Incoronata M. (IT), Jasmina S. (GB), Miroslav K. (CZ), Christian M. (DE), Bruma V. (RO), Grzegorz S. (PL), Miro M. (SI), Steve CH. (IE), Dragos L. (RO), Miro K. (SK), Piotr O. (PL), Soňa T. (SK), Natalia R. J. (PL), Silvie K. (CZ), Sven S. (DE), Stefano C. S. (IT), Szalai M. (HU), Gábor S. (HU), Petrovics R. (HU), Tadej R. (SI), Janos C.(RO), Daniele M. (AT), gGeorgi A. (BG), Sussane G. (AT), Przemyslaw B. (PL), Mikuláš F. (CZ), Tim M. (DE)

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