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Headphone type can affect the balance between fidelity and portability. Generally, headphone can be divided into 3 separate categories: circumaural (over-ear), supraaural (on-ear), intraaural (in-ear). According to the earpads design to open and closed. What type of headphones to choose? I'll try to help you out! For example, you can just listen to music or podcasts with wired headphones. If the cable gets in your way - choose true wireless. Or you can choose the appropriate headphones for your in-ear monitors while standing on stage. To mix music in the studio, reach for the studio headphones. To mix behind the DJ desk, choose from the DJ selection. If you feel like an audiophile, the hi-end offer is a place where you won't get lost. Wireless in-ear or bone conduction headphones are ideal for sports. It's up to you. We have everything.

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