EMG GZR PJ Geezer Butler Signature Set Black

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EMG GZR PJ Geezer Butler Signature Set Black

EMG along with legendary artist Geezer Butler have collaborated to develop the GZR-P and GZR-PJ signature bass pickup sets. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bass player started working with EMG founder Rob Turner in 2011, looking to recreate the classic bass tones he had in Black Sabbath’s early days. As Geezer and Black Sabbath moved from studio to touring in 2013 the final component of getting the classic Geezer tone was in play - a passive pickup with a truly vintage tone an feel. To recapture Geezer’s early Black Sabbath tone, it meant a new EMG vintage style passive P & PJ design with a few modern touches. The all solderless P set uses Alnico V pole pieces and custom wound coils for just the right amount of punch and grit. The J (PJ set) also uses Alnico 5 poles and features two custom wound split-coils. This eliminates the noise and hum usually associated with early 70’s bass pickups and allows for more power and volume than any other standard single coil J - creating a remarkable balance between the P and the J. The result is an unmistakable early Geezer Butler bass tone with deep, tight low end that you hear on tunes like “Iron Man,” “War Pigs,” and “Paranoid,” just like 1970’s. “I never felt comfortable giving my name to any other pickups, but this time these have blown me away.” - Geezer Butler.In the BoxPackage Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:2 250k volume pot1 250k tone pot1 mono output jack8 pair mounting screws1 bridge ground connector2 pickup cable2 connect cables1 output cable1 bridge ground wire

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Mit mondjak, minden müfajban megálja a helyét, a sund a kézben van, mondják a tudósok, és tényleg igaz, de ahhoz kell egy ilyen hangszedő, meg más is:) fender hangszedőket dobtam ki miattuk, egyet bánok csak, hogy nem előbb, sok oldalú motyó ez, a hangminták a yuo tube csatornán megtalálhatók, annak ajánlom akinek tetszik:)

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