DPA Omni Headset Mic, Beige, MicroDot

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DPA Omni Headset Mic, Beige, MicroDot

The d:fine 4066 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone offers clean and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom. For years, this has been the chosen headset mic for broadcasters as well as theaters on Broadway and London's West End. This is due to its pristine sound and durability. The headset construction is unique. You can detach the mic boom from the headset mount to switch it to either the left or right side and then reattach it. Humidity, often an issue in theatrical applications is not a problem. This microphone is constructed with a double-vent protection system and a drop stopper on the microphone boom. Also, the materials inside the mic are water resistant. These design elements make it very difficult for the microphone to fail due to humidity. In addition, the headset surface is matte-gold plated and the ear hooks are covered with a silicone hose. The microphone’s sensitivity is 6 mV/Pa. This matches the level of the human voice to the general input sensitivity of most wireless transmitters. If powered correctly, the microphone will be able to handle sound pressure levels up to 144 dB SPL before clipping occurs. The adapters for wireless systems give you flexible, simple and affordable possibilities. You are no longer bound to one wireless system. As circumstances change, you can just switch your adapter, instead of incurring the cost of a whole new microphone. And when you make the switch, you won't hear any loss or change in sound quality. The d:fine, d:screet and d:vote series of miniature microphones work with all leading wireless mic solutions, such as Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Wisycom, Zaxcom and many more. DPA Microphones’ ingenious adapter system is one of a kind in the industry. It protects your investment in fantastic sound for years to come. Color: Beige.FeaturesResistant to humidityAvailable in three colors and three sizesModular adapter system fits most professional wireless systems.

Parameters and specifications



Polar Pattern


Frequency Range

20 Hz - 20 kHz


40 Ohm



Package Contents

Microphone, Windscreen, 2x protective grid


14 g

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