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Celestion G12-35XC

Speakers and Acessorries | Product code: G12-35XC-8 | ID: 216835

Celestion G12-35XC

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Celestion G12-35XC

Replacement 12” guitar speaker from 90th Anniversary Limited Edition series that is built using tried-and-tested materials and construction methods, and incorporates several new design features and techniques. It is capable of delivering open and musical cleans without sacrificing an immensely satisfying crunch or searing, overdriven lead lines. This speaker exhibits poise, tonal evenness and freedom from souring colourations, characteristics typical of speakers with Pulsonic cones, as well as adding a little more sparkle and air to the sound. It is equipped with a 6.1” ceramic magnet and 1.75” round copper voice coil, fitted into a pressed-steel chassis. Cut-out diameter: 283 mm. Diameter: 309 mm. Mounting slot dimensions: 8 x 7.9 mm Ø. Mounting slot PCD: 297 mm. Overall depth: 135 mm. Weight: 4.7 kg.

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Gábor S.

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Black Friday alkalmával vettem, így az ára kedvező volt. Celestion greenbacket, vagy Cream-et akartam venni, de nem bántam meg, hogy e mellett döntöttem. Egy régi kis tranyós kombóba került csereként. Korábbi már recsegett-ropogott. Most úgy szól, hogy öröm hallgatni! Ezen kívül hangról írásban nem hiszem, hogy sok értelme lenne írni.

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