Bollé Tigersnake Shiny Black Polarized TNS Oleo AF

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Bollé Tigersnake Shiny Black Polarized TNS Oleo AF

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Bollé Tigersnake Shiny Black Polarized TNS Oleo AF

These beautifully-crafted multi-purpose sunglasses for larger faces still manage to offer high optical quality and light-weight that will come in handy during all your favourite activities. Bollé B-Thin active design patented technology allows us to offer prescription lenses to 99% of people who wear glasses. Whether they are hi-tech, performance sunglasses for professional cyclists or simply multi-use, leisure sunglasses, the Bollé B-Thin active design prescription programme provides a high-performance personalised answer to all wearers of single vision or varifocal lenses. The temple tips, nose pads and adjustable nosepiece are all made from our proprietary Thermogrip. This hydrophilic material has moisture–absorbing properties that keep the frames comfortably in place, even during extreme exertion. No fogging on your eyewear under any circumstance. Not only repels the fog that clouds your vision but is simply revived by an application of moisture. Available on all Bollé Polarized 8 base models. The polycarbonate lenses are made from premium grade resin, resulting in a lens that is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and three times lighter, with unrivaled precision and clarity. Available in polarized and non-polarized. Polarized lenses align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times. So whether it’s sea, trout stream or road, you’ll be able to see what’s really ahead. Colour: Shiny Black Polarized TNS Oleo AF.

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