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Alto Professional TS318S Cover SET

Active Subwoofers | Product code: TS318S-COVER-SET | ID: 315191

Alto Professional TS318S Cover SET

Alto Professional TS318S Cover SET

THE MAIN PICTURE OF THE SET IS ILLUSTRATIVE ! - A SET of two pieces for a discounted price. Sooner or later you'll need both of them. If you choose to buy them now, you'll save money and time as well plus there is no need to deal with it later.

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Alto Professional TS318S

Alto Professional TS318S

Active 18"" subwoofer from Alto Professional TS300 series. This subwoofer extends the bass response of virtually any fullrange speaker, relieving that speaker of the difficult task of having to reproduce the low bass frequencies. The result? A system with stunning wide-range response characterized by dramatic, impactful low frequencies and effortless, undistorted mids and highs. The listening audience will hear everything with perfect clarity, from the lowest bass synth tones to the highest percussion bells and everything in between.

TS318S features a rugged, long-excursion woofer mounted in a solidly-braced ported enclosure, computer-optimized for powerful low-frequency performance. The enclosure itself is made from a dense wood composite. This strong, resonantfree material has virtually perfect acoustic characteristics, which ensures that the subwoofers’ output is always clear and impactful.

Strong, clear output is only half the battle, however in order for a subwoofer to be part of an ideal speaker system, it has to blend seamlessly with the companion speaker. This is where the Alto Professional’s TS318S truly excels. All TS300-series subwoofers have a choice of six selectable DSP output modes, so the subwoofer’s frequency response and crossover frequency are perfectly-matched to the speaker it’s being used with. Four of these six output options match the subwoofer perfectly with Alto TS2 and TS3 full-range speakers, while the other two output options (Hi-Pass or Bypass mode) ensure a perfect match even with non-Alto full-range speakers.

Our computer design techniques feature advancements such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which enables us to optimize the speaker’s magnetic structure and maintain a tight voice coil gap for maximum sensitivity. Our voice coils themselves have extremely tight windings that ensure maximum utilization of the input signal and our adhesives exhibit unrivaled consistency and durability under high temperature conditions for unsurpassed system reliability.

TS318S features an on-board 2000 W amplifier (1000 W continuous) with proprietary limiting circuitry that provides electronic clip, thermal and transducer overload protection, ensuring that the system always sounds clean and clear, no matter how hard it’s pushed.

1 x

Alto Professional TS318S Cover

Alto Professional TS318S Cover

Padded transport cover for Alto Professional TS318S active subwoofer. Colour: Black.

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